Wednesday, June 22, 2016

NEW!! Geology Tours in Cyprus!


This Spring 2016 was the first time we offered guests a chance to take Geology tours while on holiday in Cyprus and what a success it was! 


The island of Cyprus is such an inspirational place with an enormous amount of history and physics. Cyprus was formed due to a series of unique events which has made the island a geological show case. 

Approximately 90 million years ago Cyprus was part of the bottom of a deep ocean called Tethys. Tectonic movements at that time was caused by the collision of the African with the Eurasian plate, ultimately giving birth to the island. The Troodos Massif itself first rose above the ocean around 20 million years ago along with its smaller sister in the north of the island, the Pentadactylos range. If Geology fascinates you as much as it does us, you will love our tours with knowledgeable guides who will open a whole new world for you to discover on this amazing island. Don’t forget to take your camera, you will need it!

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