Monday, March 23, 2015

Walk The Walk!

A big thank you to all our walkers who took part in the Silver Coast walk last week. I think it's safe to say we walked our boots off but had a fantastic time!

What an amazing walk with stunning coastal scenery, plus many historical sites too.

This is the walk we took, and it is now running up until the 10th of June, then again this Autumn starting September 15th.

Walk location:            In the Serra between Rio Maior and Porto de Mós


The walk:                    This walk is described in the Guia Percursos Pedestres for the Parque Natural das Serras de Aire e Candeeiras (PNSAC) as walk PR2 – Rio Maior.  It is 17km long and will probably take about 5+ hrs.  It is classified as of medium difficulty, but I would call it tough as it involves a long (400m) climb – steep in places to the ridge where the wind turbines are placed.  Most of the walk is along earthen tracks, but there is some road walking.

                                    We start the walk in the small town of Alcobertas where some Moorish Cisterns and a dolmen attached to the parish church can be visited at the end of the walk.


Car Meeting Point:     The car meeting point is at by the church at Alcobertas at 09:30 (see the notes below).  If anyone wants to drive in convoy with us please send an email so we can arrange a meeting point.  We will be driving from São Martinho do Porto via Tornada then the A15.


                                    Latitude:   39°25'4.78"N

                                    Longitude:  8°54'12.90"W


Walk Start Point:        The same as the walk start point.


Coffee stop:                There  are no stops on the walk and given the walk length you should take food and plenty of drink as well as a windproof coat.


Timing:                       The walk is about 17km and is expected to take about 5+ hrs, plus extra for food stops.

Accommodation available on our website Find Accommodation