Friday, November 28, 2014

Segway Tours in Cyprus!

Themed Holiday Ideas is always striving to find new and exciting themes for our guests, and Segway Tours is yet another fantastic one we have discovered.  
Take the weight off your feet and admire the beautiful scenery and historical sights that Cyprus has to offer while having fun on a segway.  Enjoy a seamless glide of the area while riding on the newest technology of Segway PT, the world’s first two wheel self-balancing electric personal transporter.
With historical attractions, traditional architecture, scenic routes and other wonderful sights along the shoreline, our tour guides will ensure you receive the most stunning photo opportunities and stopping at many famous landmarks.
Segwaying is suitable for all ages and is safe and easy to use. Our knowledgeable guides will be with you constantly and the best part of it all is ……No tired feet on this tour!
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