Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lisbon Coast of Portugal

                                     LISBON COAST THEMED HOLIDAYS

Lisbon is one of Europe's finest cities, rich in history and culture, with so much to see and do, but few people realise that the area around Lisbon is also quite amazing, and contains beautiful beaches, cultural attractions and natural wonders. Along with its delicious food and drink, vibrant towns and cities, Lisbon and the Lisbon coast offer many attractions. From the educational Oceanarium, the Gulbenkian museum, stylish boutiques, castles, old ruins and more. But there are other towns in the area to explore as well. Just to the north, you can enjoy a wander round Caldas de Rainha, with its stunning ceramics shops. Or head south to Setubal, home of the astonishing Igreja de Jesus, with gruesome gargoyles and spooky turrets.

The Lisbon region offers great outdoor activities like surfing (with some of Europe's finest surf) and hiking, bird watching, plus many national parks. Walk the beautiful Sado estuary, or cycle the coast north of Cascais and enjoy a beautiful stretch of country. Historical attractions are found all over the Lisbon coast, from the elegant tower of Belem, to the National Palace of Sidra, a short drive south of Lisbon. With great cultural festivals, wonderful beaches, tasty food and wine, (join us on one of wonderful wine tasting tours at the local vineyards) and the lure of historical sites, Lisbon coast has it all! The people are friendly and the atmosphere welcoming at whatever time of the year you wish to visit.

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